*Company profile

The Czech spedition of automobile hauliers Hradec Kralove s.r.o. is Czech private company, which was established in 1988 in Hradec Kralove. During our existence we have been enterprising exclusively in forwarding and international haulage. To ensure transportation from partial loads to full loads we use trucks of the most responsible domestic and also international hauling companies. We dispose with all types of trucks and we are able to ensure transportation of whole tonnage, terms and we are able to accommodate to our clients in all ways. We are members of Union of speditions and logistics of Czech Republic and Regional economic chamber of the north-east of Bohemia. We are certificated in order with »SN EN ISO 9002 norm and since 2003 we are certificated by »SN EN ISO 9001:2001 norm. Forwarder's insurance /».S.A.D. HK/ is perceived of responsibility for hauling cargo by trucks of our partners and of eventually caused damage of cargo happened during the transportation in order with International agreement CMR.

We had concluded an insurance with CSOB insurance a.s. company in Hradec KrŠlovť. This insurance is referred on all of domestic and international transits ensured by our company. The insurance is referred on amount of 10,000,000 Czech crowns.